Hi! I saw this "challenge" and it seemed interesting and funny haha (sorry if something is written wrong but I am still learning English).

Here's the link for Day 10:

Sooo... Let's start


  • People who talk with food in their mouths
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I can't with that. (Look how beautiful is this cow!)
  • Walk slowly
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I get stressed too much when someone in front of me walks very, very slowly and the worst thing is that sometimes I can't pass them because more people come to the sides.
  • Comments
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Obviously not any comment, I mean those comments that can affect the self-esteem of another person. What is the need to be seeing what each person is like? Some people should learn to stop messing where they do not care.
  • People who do not care about the environment
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These days I have been researching this topic for projects and I have learned many things, and what I have read makes me sad and at the same time it makes me angry to know that the environment gives us too many advantages and supplements but we surpass ourselves with this one; to the point of bringing to extinction to poor and defenseless animals and some ecosystems too.☹

- You can notice that I hate people haha jk
I have more pet peeves but for another occasion haha

Thanks so much for reading

I hope you liked it, byeee