Moonlight or Candlelight?

aesthetic, candle, and candlelight image black, candle, and grunge image
I love the moon but there's something about candlelight that is so comforting

Time Traveler or Space Traveler?

clock, black and white, and black image time travel image
Definitely time travel because I would love to see what life was like in other times...I'd be so paranoid I would screw stuff up though

Movie Theatre or Arcade?

cinema, theatre, and movie image Temporarily removed
Arcades are cool and all theatre all the way

Fly to the Moon or Swim to Atlantis?

full moon, gold, and golden image galaxy, planets, and science image
Fly to the moon...I'm scared of the ocean

Mornings or Nights?

aesthetic, cool, and blue aesthetic image dark, header, and moon image
Nights...not a morning person AT ALL

Roses or Daises?

beautiful, flower, and red image rose, book, and flowers image
Neither...but I guess roses even though they're basic

Dragons or Mermaids?

mulan, dragon, and disney image Image removed
Dragons all the way

Stars or Rainbows?

stars, wallpaper, and background image Image removed
Rainbows are pretty but stars of course

Books or Movies?

twilight and love image twilight, book, and edward cullen image

Rainy Days or Stormy Nights?

Image removed sky, dark, and lightning image
Both are great to sleep and binge watch Netflix in

Carousel Rides or Roller Coaster Rides?

fun, Roller Coaster, and vintage image crazy, fair, and fun image
Roller coaster rides...duh

Thanks for reading babes <3