hi everyone, i hope y'all enjoy
i'm gettin back

sometimes it feels so bad
I think I am not okay
my brain is something crazy
ugly or unfriendly
Some days, I don't want to stay alone.
but when someone is gettin' close
I just wanna escape as soon as I can

Sometimes I think I'm gonna get better
I can sleep peacefully, there's no nightmares anymore.
But then, someone appears, and sets my soul on fire.
And that's when I fall in pain, and I'm afraid couldn't still stand

baby i'm not well
I'm sick of mind
my feelings revolve around
get tangled up with each other
and that's not normal
Everything changes from one moment to the next.
different faces...

sometimes it feels so bad
I think I will be fine
my brain just need time
I'm short of breath

I have problems in my mind
there are things that you will not like
Honey, I don't wanna hurt you, and I know it will be like that.
I've shed enough tears
and I don't want to continue like this
That vicious circle is not for me.