How many hours in a day do you think you spend looking down at your phone?
You probably don't even notice how many times you check your phone, or how you go from Instagram to twitter to snapchat to what ever apps you have just to end up on Instagram again.
Maybe it's time for you to notice how much time you give to your phone.

I'm writing this article because I recently witnessed something that truly broke my heart. I was in the sitting in the waiting room at the doctors office and there was this little girl that was with her father and she kept trying to get his attention. She was trying to make conversation with him, to make eye contact but he was too busy scrolling through this phone. She kept asking him questions about the littlest things and told him about what she had done in school, and of what she had experienced with her fellow friends, but he was glued to his phone, he didn't budge even though she softy poked his arm, wrapped her little finger around his finger to shake it. All he would reply was, "Just gimmie a sec, hold on." I could see her how bored she was becoming, trying to get attention from her own father until she finally got tired and sat down on the chair next to him and just sat there, silently. All her thoughts and feelings were being rejected by someone who claims to love them.

Have we ever done this to someone. I know I have, I have rejected my own family members from possible conversations, from conversations that could've created beautiful and funny memories.
I have even rejected my own thoughts and feelings because I'm so consumed by what I see on my own screens. I have forgotten to give myself some awareness of what's going inside my mind, about how I truly feel about things.
We all need to be more aware of that goes on outside of our screens, either if it's your phone screen, tv screen, tablet screen, or laptop screen.

Each one of us has a complex brain that contains endless thoughts, ideas, opinions, emotions and endless other little things, we have just become so used to our screens replacing all these things.
We need to pay more attention to the little things, because even the smallest things make up the big picture.

Food for Thought ~ Don't let your screens take away your beautiful moments and special opportunities.