I looked at him......as a friend,
I laughed with him....... as a friend,
I met his girlfriend........ as a friend...
but he wasn´t "just a friend" to me, not anymore.
Not since I realized the pain I felt seeing him kissing her,
not since I visited them and wished for the sign at the bell to have my name on it next to his´.
I realized that I can´t picture my future without him in it, but he is not mine and he will never be. He belongs to her. And I can´t even hate her for it.
That´s the hardest part. I actually really like his girlfriend. She became a friend of mine. I know she wants to marry him, marry the man I love. And whenever I´m talking to her I want this for her. But in secret I wish I could be her...
What can you do when you can´t act on your feelings for the one you love?
What do you do when you can´t hate the person who´s taking your love away from you?
But I want him to be happy, even if it isn´t with me.
I want him to be happy, even if it breaks my heart.
If it´s her he wants, if she truly is the love of his life... then i guess I´m okay with it.
I will share her hopes of an engagement.
I will accompany her when she buys her wedding dress.
I will help them in every way that I possibly can.
I will be there......... and I´ll smile..... while watching the love of my life marry somene else.
Because just because I can´t have him doesn´t mean that I can´t love him!