So here I was… trying to think clearly
To understand whatever just happened.
But not overthink but obviously I can't stop thinking...
The day that should've been a beautiful day
But the words you said
The feelings you left me with
The thoughts
And the killing silence

being by your side and trying my best to be happy
Every time I see you; a smile appearce on my face
But then… you couldn't look me in the eyes
You weren't really talking
You weren't there

You were always a man with a thought of his own
You were always someone unique to me
You were gentle, you were thoughtful
You were caring
You were

The abscence I felt was a killer too..
You tried to look in my eyes but you couldn't
I tried to kiss you but you somehow rejected it
I kept on giving kisses on your cheek
I kept on being the silly me
Being kind and vulnerable…

You held my hand when I was looking at my phone
You kissed my fingers and you emblished them
So soft and tender
You always gave so much attention to the little things
that's what made me fall in love
I don't know but I felt those cold fingertips trying to give...
But you couldn't give me what I deserved
You couldn't give me what I needed
I felt an empty space trying to take over inside

You held my hand and those words you said
You couldn't go futher
You didn't want us to be together anymore
You held my hand…
"I can't give you what you want, I can't give you what you deserve"

And here I was
All alone although you were still next to me
And I couldn't let you go
You said sorry
But I didn't saw any tear rolling down your eyes
Suddenly I couldn't look into your eyes
And I started crying

I knew this day would come, I was so scared
I just cried in your arms
And I just didn't want to go
My mouth was shut
As if someone had cut off my tongue..

I feel so stupid because I cared so much
And I still do
I knew this day would come
It's my own fault because I've let you in
But still it hurts like hell just thinking about it
I can't just forget you

You loved
You cared
With your whole heart
But then somehow you just ended it
Like i was nothing
but I know you were hurt too
what we had was special

You were selfish
And still I forgive you because I already knew
weird isn't it?
how much you can love someone
even though they've opened up your wounds
I can't blame you or even hate you

You didn't realize I guess.
But I knew…

So I guess this is the end
It is what it is
I'm sorry for letting you in

I should've broken your heart instead of giving you the permission to break mine.