This is kind of a trend, although is more like a list, I have seen going around on Thanksgiving. I don't celebrate thanksgiving but i thought it was a nice thing to do for this season. It's always great to be greatful.

Books I'm Thankful for:

  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians
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For introducing me to reading fervently
  • Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus
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For taking me back home
  • The Night Circus

For showing me the type of stories I want to write

  • Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix
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For making me love reading again this 2018
  • Trials of Apollo
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For making me feel good in my darkest part of 2018
  • Deep Secret
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For making me believe in the magic that exist in the ordinary things in life. And making me obbsessed with centaurs!

Thanks for reading and liking!