Heyy ! Today I wanted to imagine how could my Instagram be in my dreams... So welcome in my mind ! I hope you'll enjoy it ♥
(English isn't my native language, sorry for the mistakes)

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Iris Thomas
Professional photographer
France raised - Canada based
📩 : iris.thomas@gmail.com

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iristhomas "Je ne m'enfuie pas, je vole..."
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mrs.thomas Ma jolie ballerine ♥
iristhomas @mrs.thomas Je t'aime mum

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iristhomas Breathtaking ! Congrats honey, that was awesome @shawnmendes
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iristhomas Happy birthday bitch ! I'm dating an old man now...
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shawnmendes Omg, I hate you 😂
iristhomas @shawnmendes Love ya too shawnie

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iristhomas Back to my french paradise !
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julesthomas Ma petite soeur est rentrée à la maison, yay !

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iristhomas Photoshoot day !
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josiahvandien Well I have competition !

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iristhomas A good-looking family, eh ?
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aaliyahmende.s Yeah, it's in our blood 😉
shawnmendes @aaliyahmende.s Hey stop quoting me !

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That's it ! Of course, my mom's and my brother's accounts are totally invented. My email and the name of my account too. Anyway, I had a lot of fun doing this article and I hope you enjoyed it ! Xx