I am at a point where I realize that the way I am living does not correspond with how I should live. I want to adapt to others and I want a "normal" life but I also know that the brain I was born with is not supposed to be normal. I cannot go out partying or dating several guys at the same time. I cannot eat whatever I want whenever I want. I cannot live carelessly.

My brain is different, my emotions go up and they go down and this is what I need to consider. I need to start adapting to myself instead of to others. My brain and my life is not made to be "normal". It is made to do great things for myself and for others. But to do this I need to start taking care of myself, being healthy, creating stable routines. And in this space I can be free and I can live and I can be happy, get what I want out of life but doing so in a way aligned with me.

This is where I start
Step by step
Day by day
Building up an empire