Why wait till January to change all the bad habits in my life? Why not switch priorities when you realize that your actions are creating necessary stress in your life?

First, although I love dance and am happy to do it, I feel as though it is not giving me the exercise I crave.

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Whether it's running for a half hour, stretching, or choreographing, add something physical into my routine

Next, my grades are slipping and that needs to be a main focus. Also, I don't want my homework to be as stacked as it was before, so be more on top of it.

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Don't hang out with friends if I have homework to get done and don't procrastinate.

Now, to my favorite part... Me Time! Set aside time to relax and get away from everyday problems.

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Read, take a bath, movie, anything that releases stress

While I know my friend group is falling apart, it is still important to hang out with them, outside of school time of course.

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Hang out with the usuals and with the dirties every once and a while. Get back with the girls though.

Last, but not least, one of the greatest stressors, the member. I don't really know how to figure out a way to fix this one without avoiding it. I think the plan should be once a week and also try to go alone sometime soon. Slide into it! Don't constantly worry about it.

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Obviously, family will always be my top priority and I feel as though I have been keeping up with that one pretty good.

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