I drank two or so glasses of wine...can't remember exactly. After that I went to my room, far away from all the noise bundled in cigarette smoke and strange smell of beverages. I fell heavily on the bed, the room was spinning, I could still hear voices, laughs, music... Everything was too loud. I closed the door and suddenly I was alone in the quietness, calmness.
I was trying to fall asleep.
Rustling door...mumbling...dinning...I woke up.
I went downstairs and I saw some friends around a table. I poured myself a cup of tea and sat beside them. What a lovely aroma...warm.
Everything was too loud. Laughs and clinking glasses blurred my thoughts. Why was I there? I didn't know but I didn't want to be alone. Thought of this and others came to join us. I was too tired and went back to my room. I was thinking about sunrise. My thoughts were tangling into each other and then they were disappearing somewhere beyond my consciousness.
The clock was ticking on. Only its piercing sound was scaring the silence.
How slow the time goes when you are trying to outrun it.
I couldn't breath in that room. I went outside and stared at the stars still shining at this time. I thought I could reach them. I could still hear that ticking noise... time was flying by.
I was sitting outside on the grass for a while when the first sunrays started colouring the tips of high trees, the stars were saying goodbye. So much waiting and still, how fast time flies by...