(this is going to me one of my more aesthetically pleasing ones so enjoy. warning lots of korean/asian boys)

What is the "K-drama fantasy" boy?

your typical Korean drama boy, who probably fell in love with you at first sight, or you continuously stumbled on to each other, or he was a childhood friend that you haven't seen in years, or maybe he is a god who slowly fell in love with you over the course of days with you... (okay maybe not that one. but you get the point). He's your typical run of the mill K-drama trope. he's not everyones favorite boy, but god damn is he a sweet one.

His Type of Style

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trench coats and button down shirts, black or brown pants and jeans, watches and gold rings, tote bags, aesthetically pleasing outfits


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he's soft and sweet, smiles whenever he sees you, and innocent as a white flower.


korean, ulzzang, and boy image asian boy, korean, and ulzzang image korean, ulzzang, and dei8ht image korean, ulzzang, and boy image
he's tall, skinny, pale and surprisingly built, hair is straight and skin is clean

In a Relationship

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it’s almost like you guys met before wether in a past life, in childhood, or he was sort of a douche to you once. he treats you like a princess and you treat him like a prince, all the love that you guys need. going on coffee dates and walking around in the park laughing enjoying the sun. Matching outfits and coffee designs. Many other people would die to have what you have with this boy, some would die of all the sweet and romantic stuff you guys do. everything you do with him just seems natural, as if it is supposed to happen.

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