Hello everyone! This is my second article and I thought that this time I should write about my favorite disney princess movies.
I am a huge disney fan, I absolutly love disney. I have been watching disney movies since I was little, disney is my childhood.
The princess movies were the ones I watched the most and forced my little brother to see with me.

We are starting with the oldest ones...

Let's begin


1950 & 2015

Cinderella one of my all times favorite disney movies! It used to be my favorite one when I was younger, after I figured out that we start with the same letter in our name, in English, I loved her even more.

In Norwegian her name is Askepott

I really like the new movie that came out in 2015, but I am a person that likes things better as they where before, so if I had to choose the one I liked the most it would be the one from 1950.

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The Little Mermaid


The little mermaid has also been one of my all time favorites. I have always loved her voice in the Norwegian one. Sissel Kyrkjebø is Ariel's voice, and I just love it. I have always been really into mermaids, and always belived that they actually existed, and I always wanted to be one.

She has the voice to Ariel in the Swedish (singing and speaking) and the Danish (just singing) movie too.
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Beauty and The Beast

1991 & 2017

I remember I was never a really big fan of the Beauty and The Beast movie when I was young, but now when I'm older I love it. I have seen the new one that came out last year (I actually saw it two times in the cinema) and I liked it but I think I like the old original one better, but I love the new one aswell.

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1992 & coming 2019

I adore the movie Aladdin. I think it's because he is actually not a prince but becomes one. I just love the whole movie.

I'm so exited for the new Aladdin movie to come out the one with real people, I hope it turnes out to be really good, just like the one from Beauty and The Beast and Cinderella.
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I went to see Tangled in the cinema when it came out and I remember I was so exited! I loved it, and still do, but I remember I was really mad when she cut of all her hair and it turned dark. But, she still look just as beautiful.

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I know there are many people that actually don't like this movie, and I know there are a lot of people that really like it. I went with my friend to see this movie when it came out, and I remember I cried when their mom and dad died :(, but I loved the movie and have watched it many times after that, both in English and in Norwegian, and love it in both languages.

And I was really exited when I figured out it was from Norway, or the nature, and the dresses and all of that, I was so happy that Norway got some attention, I feel like we are a smal country that not so many people know about.
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I actually didn't watch Moana until it had been out for a year, and I don't know why, but I love the movie so much and all the songs! I saw it first in English which is not often, and after I ad seen it in English a few times I saw it in Norwegian and I really liked her voice and the songs there too. I love the setting, and that it's a story that people belive in, that makes it so much more interesting and you can probably learn a lot from it too.

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Okay, that was all for today! I feel like I could have written a lot more and I could probably take in even more movies, but thise are the movies I have watched the most of all the princess movies.

Thank you so much for reading my article, hope you didn't get to board with me talking about Norway some places.


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