hello guys, today a new article is out ! i introduce you my favorite tv shows, enjoy ;)


glee, rachel, and red image naya rivera, glee, and santana image Temporarily removed Image by - Image removed Image removed


the librarians and flynn carson image Image removed Temporarily removed librarians, noah wyle, and the lobrarians image Image removed Image removed


warehouse 13 and claudia donovan image Temporarily removed review, tv, and syfy image claudia, pete, and warehouse 13 image circle and warehouse 13 image warehouse 13, artifact, and the phoenix image


greys anatomy, amelia shepherd, and caterina scorsone image Image removed grey's anatomy, arizona robbins, and sarah drew image grey's anatomy, derek, and patrick dempsey image grey's anatomy, george o'malley, and sandra oh image love, hug, and couple image


riverdale, veronica lodge, and cheryl blossom image Image removed cole sprouse, riverdale, and bughead image couple, hug, and Madchen Amick image riverdale, choni, and cheryl blossom image riverdale image


aesthetic, alternative, and apocalypse image american horror story, tate, and ahs image american horror story, evan peters, and ahs image american horror story and ahs hotel image Temporarily removed american horror story and ahs asylum image

i hope guys you enjoy it ! ( angelechps__ on instagram )
xoxo angelou <3