I am not where you left me, I am all the places I have never been.
- Wilder

I thought I joined this contest created by @the_whi_squad because I like writing stories and I really wish to improve. This a a short story about a guys just finding himself.

My Passion

The city was bustling that morning, you can hear the sirens as they rushed to help those in need, the cars honking as people rushed to catch a plane or save their jobs, birds sang from their nest which rested on the side of buildings and in the park. The sun shone on my apartment window and blared past the curtains as if they did not exist, forcing me out of my slumber. I pulled the covers over my head to block out the sun, which proved more efficient than the curtains. I started to slip back, but my alarm brought me back to reality.

I stretched my way out of bed and in front of the mirror. My brown curls were a mess and my green eyes looked dead. Sleep can still be seen on my face. I headed to the kitchen to make some tea. I, unlike many others, dislike coffee for its bitter taste and its ineffectiveness to keep me awake. I really need the energy for I am always busy at work. As a photographer for one of the biggest agencies in New York, I sometimes have to work over night.

Photography has been my passion ever since I worked on the yearbook sophomore year. I would carry a camera where ever I went. I attended the New York Institute of Photography. I love it so much, but its not everything I hoped for.

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I got an urgent text from Luke saying,
Harry, get down to the studio quickly.

I got dressed and prepared my tea to go. Not only was the city noisy, it was also chilly. The cold wind picked at my exposed skin as I called for a taxi.

Luke was waiting for me outside the agency. "Finally, you showed up. It's cold outside!"

"Well why didn't you just go in."

"Because than I would have been swept away by Arsenal and he would have kept me busy all day." Luke wasn't a photographer like me, he contributed to the agency by writing articles, which would be posted on the website or printed out in the magazine. "I really need to know whether your tagging along tomorrows trip."

"Uh, yeah, sure. I'll go," is what I responded with before Luke was swept away by Arsenal.

I was a bit nervous on going on the trip. Luke did not tell me much except that some of his high school buddies were also going.

After a long day of men, women, and children in winter gear, returned home to pack for the trip. Warm clothes, hygiene products, books, snacks, and my camera. That night I slept like the dead.

The next morning it wasn't as noisy, since it was Saturday. I quickly got ready to go meet up with Luke since we will be taking his car.

The drive west was long but we were able to pass the time with stupid games. After three hours we got off the main road and into a smaller one heading towards the wilderness.

"Luke where are we at?"

"The Big Indian Wilderness."

I knew New York wasn't just cities, but I've never been far from the city itself. We went deeper into the woods, which were coated in white. The light reflected off the snow on the trees making it shine and glimmer.

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At the end of the road was a red cabin that stood out from the white background. There were cars out front meaning that Luke's buddies have arrived. The lights were on and smoke came out the chimney. When I stepped outside, the freezing air pierced at my face. I covered my face to protect it from the cold wind, but I could still smell the wood burning and food baking inside.

As we stepped inside I could already see how I will spend my weekend here. The world has many natural beauties to offer like the snow on mountain peaks when the sun shines on them in the early morning. Instead of capturing forced image I could be capturing things that happen on its own free will. That small vacation showed me a life of adventure and wonder. I felt like I belonged.

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The End

I hope you enjoyed this short story. know I have a lot of improving to do, but to me this is the first step.

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