hello ! so i listened to little mix 's newest album and lemme tell you it's bomb ! so i thought i could gather all my fav lyrics here along with a lil aesthetic for each song :) (i didn't include the deluxe tracks btw)
btw my fav songs have to be Notice, Think About Us and Monster In Me but it changes a lot tbh !
i wrote another article related to Little Mix which is lyrics of Woman Like Me :
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1. The National Manthem

rainbow, sky, and aesthetic image aesthetic, girl, and hair image flowers, aesthetic, and sky image rainbow, sky, and clouds image
she is a bad bitch made up of magic


2. Woman Like Me ft. Nicki Minaj

architecture, house, and building image oreo image vogue, vintage, and magazine image Marilyn Monroe image
rude boy, tell me, can you handle all this derrière?


3. Think About Us

Temporarily removed light, rain, and window image car, drive, and lights image fire, blue, and hand image
now we're dancing in the club and it's fire when we touch


4. Strip ft. Sharaya J

amazing, bodies, and body image Temporarily removed skin image Image by hopeless fountain kingdom
still a cover girl, even with no makeup, live your best life, even with your A-cups


5. Monster in Me

aesthetic, blue, and boy image aesthetic, alternative, and blue image car, blue, and night image blue, clouds, and sky image
Beautiful killer, cut me deep


6. Joan of Arc

Temporarily removed gold and aesthetic image Image by e🍒 architecture and hermitage image
man i feel like cleopatra, joan of arc, queen of hearts


7. Love A Girl Right

Abusive image body, fashion, and girl image rose, red, and flowers image Image removed
Oh, that boy so scandalous, yeah, he broke my girl's heart


8. American Boy

aesthetic, alternative, and vintage image Image by ♡mewdew♡ milkshake, food, and aesthetic image vintage, car, and retro image
I know he thinks about her when he plays guitar, and ooh la la, my American boy


9. Told You So

aesthetic, blue, and soft image Image by FatmaA66 aesthetic, pink, and beauty image aesthetic, bed, and grunge image
to be honest his best friend was hotter than him


10. Wasabi

Temporarily removed Chen, exo, and jongdae image glitter, aesthetic, and makeup image lips, pink, and aesthetic image
Love to hate me, praise me, shame me, either way, you talk about me


11. More Than Words ft. Kamille

Temporarily removed grunge, sky, and pale image Image removed rain, car, and grunge image
I find peace in every story you told


12. Motivate

Temporarily removed lips, aesthetic, and art image amazing, girl, and lips image couple, photography, and Relationship image
Want him to dive in my ocean


13. Notice

aesthetic, alternative, and asian image fashion image Image by Shan ♡ aesthetic, fashion, and hipster image
I don't think you notice, I don't think you care


14. The Cure

socks, blue, and flowers image brush, draw, and drawing image flowers, hair, and aesthetic image blue, flowers, and sky image
'Cause the tears fell down, but they don't anymore


that's all for this article, i had so much fun making it and i hope you guys liked it !
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xx, marie