Hello Hearters!
Yes, I know it's Black Friday and I am so excited for it! But it is also near the holiday season and you gotta save your money for gifts! If you struggle from spending money or not saving money,
I am your guide!

1. Try a $5 saving jar
Every 5 dollar bill you receive or find put it in ajar and keep them for a year. You will earn over $500!

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2. Make a weekly or monthly budget
If you tend to spend money almost daily, find a budget so that you save money as well. Create your own spending cap for the week or month

3. Look for a job
I know it's the most obvious idea but it really helps. Look around your town or city and see what's available. Try babysitting, selling your old items, become a cook, yard work, pet sitting, and other local businesses are great to apply to.

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4. Buy what you NEED not Want
It's tempting to see something you really like and want to buy it. Think to yourself, is this going to be useful in a week or two?

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5. Only shop when there is sales
Look up some of your favorite stories and see if a sale is going on. This will make you save more $$!

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6. Start your own business
This ca really help with earning in cash. Whatever your interests are, start a business with it. Make a youtube channel, or a online store to get going!

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7. Eat in not out
One of the top places your money goes to is fast food. Yes I know it's amazing but you save money by making your own food yourself.

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Thanks for reading!
~Lexi B