I, just as a lot of you did, grew up with the magical book series and itโ€™s book adaptions centering around Harry Potter and his fight against the dark wizard Voldemort. Since I already did an article about how my life at Hogwarts would be, I decided to put one of my OCโ€™s life into view today. Here it is. Enjoy.

Full Name and Looks

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Charlene Addington

Date of Birth

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Blood Status

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Halfblood; Father was a wizard, mother a muggle

Years attending Hogwarts

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Hogwarts House

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Slytherin, just as me (because why not, haha)


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Draco and Pansy, but also Hermione, Ginny and Luna; Harry and Ron are not really friends but rather mutuals


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11 inches, vine and dragon heart string


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A wolf

Favourite Subject

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Defence Against the Dark Arts

Favourite Professor

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Professor McGonagall

Favourite Place in Hogwarts

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The Library

Amorentia Scent

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Motor oil, Chocolate and Menโ€™s aftershave


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Background Story

She grew up with both her parents without any siblings, got bullied horribly in elementary school and was happy when she finally received her Hogwarts letter. At the age of 13, her mum died because of a sickness and now she lives with her dad. Only problem, her family hates her and sheโ€™s the outsider of them. Sheโ€™s depressed and suffers from Social Anxiety.

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