This is one of the most important subjects Philosophers think about. In my opinion it is also a very complicated subject because there is no answer to this question. Yes, there is proof. But this proof is not enough to prove the real existence of the afterlife. The only thing you can do is to think about it and to share your thoughts with others. That is exactly what I am going to do in this article. I am going to share my thoughts about the afterlife.

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Do I believe in the afterlife?

Yes I do. I am raised Christian from my mother's side. She made me believe in the supernatural. I believe that there is something that helps humanity and that same thing also takes care of you when your life ends. Another reason why I believe in the afterlife is because there are people who say that they can feel- or speak to ghosts. There are many people who claim that they can do that and I do not think that all those people are just making that up.
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What does that existence look like?

I believe that your body dies. But your spirit lives on in a second world which is invisible and unknown to the living. From that world, the ghosts influence the living by giving them advice when they make choices. I do not believe in heaven or hell. Everyone goes to the same good place when they die. People who made mistakes when they were alive are forgiven now by God or just earth itself.
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Is it possible that when people die they are really gone?

It is a possibility, but I cannot believe it. I do not think that people like Derek Ogilvie talk bullshit. If that is true, Ogilvie's whole life is one big lie. When people are really gone when they die, it feels like death was not worth it, even your life was not worth it. That would be awful.
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