my november playlist:

James Arthur - At My Weakest
arthur, james, and you deserve better image arthur, james, and Lyrics image

"Could it be your eyes
Didn't know that I've been
Waitin', waitin' for you
When your by my side, everything's alright
Crazy, I'm crazy for you"

The Who - My Generation
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George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Bad To The Bone

"On the day I was born, the nurses all gathered 'round
And they gazed in wide wonder at the joy they had found
The head nurse spoke up, said "Leave this one alone."
She could tell right away that I was bad to the bone"

Scorpions - Still Loving You

"If we'd go again
All the way from the start
I would try to change
Things that killed our love
Yes, I've hurt your pride, and I know
What you've been through
You should give me a chance
This can't be the end
I'm still loving you"

Billy Joel - Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)
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"Anthony works in the grocery store
Savin' his pennies for some day
Mama Leone left a note on the door
She said
"Sonny, move out to the country

And it seems such a waste of time
If that's what it's all about
Mama, if that's movin' up, then I'm movin' out"

Gorgon City - Imagination ft. Katy Menditta
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"Imagine I was good again
But you still see me the same
And baby, why can't you pretend
That nothing here has changed?

Let's rewind, we'll be fine
You forgave me, believe that I'm sorry
Close your eyes, we'll be fine
Come back inside, there is no need to worry"

Khalid - Suncity ft. Empress Of
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"Llévame a ciudad de sol
Llévame, llévame
Donde deje mi corazón
Llévame, llévame

Two days 'til I'm back on the road
And I'm onto you
I hear you calling me, so come onto me tonight
No time to be worried about what we wanna do
Just take care of me, I'll let you take the lead"

BRIANNA - Lost in Istanbul
istanbul image istanbul image

"Freezing cold I follow
The wind like an arrow
It will lead me to you
I’m lost in Istanbul
Uh nananana, Uh nananana"

Sinner's Heist - Raw
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"Caught me coughing
I do this often
So as high so you lost it
Rebecca Rocklynn"

Troye Sivan - Dance To This ft. Ariana Grande
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"Yeah under the kitchen lights
You still look like dynamite
And I wanna end up on you
Don’t need no place to go
Just put on the radio
You know what I wanna do"


i know it's all over the place with the genres, but that's what happened this month

~i swear i thought the lyrics went "call me coffin, i do this often" that was the most unpleasant surprise ever~