Inspired by:

Name:Joanna DeSantos
Age: 17 years


girl, nails, and makeup image Image removed
Black hair, olive skin


black and white, Tattoos, and riverdale image Mature image
She is the twin sister of Joaquin DeSantos


girl, style, and braid image makeup, eyes, and beauty image girl, tattoo, and ulzzang image girl and model image


riverdale, serpents, and cole sprouse image riverdale, lili reinhart, and betty cooper image riverdale, cheryl blossom, and madelaine petsch image riverdale, kj apa, and archie andrews image
South Side Serpent, Betty Cooper, Cheryl Blossom, Toni Topas and Archie Andrews

Love Interests:

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Joanna and Fangs have been a couple for more than a year

Thank for watching and I hope you like the Charakter I created. XOXO.