This is the second article I have posted. I've been trying to find something that I love and am passionate about. Ever since I was a little girl I've had a deep love for fashion. I remember laying in my parents bedroom watching The Rachel Zoe Project. In that hour I would get transported into a world completely based around fashion.

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As I grew up I pushed the part of myself that loved fashion into the very back of my closet. I tried looking for a career path that would make me a lot of money and one that would make my parents proud. I did that for many years until the beginning of my sophomore year of high school. I was home schooled that year because I fell into deep depression for unknown reasons. I was alone in my house with no one but my mom around. Being with her all the time definitely helped me get better, but I also somehow found myself diving into the world of fashion that I had isolated myself from years ago.

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I guess it was the fact that I was my own friend and that people were judging me for choosing to be home schooled, that I realized that you can't please everyone and that there is always going to be someone who talks bad about you.

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Just keep walking with your head high. There is clearly something going on in their life that they feel the need to spread negativity and talk bad about other people without knowing their entire situation. I love fashion,especially writing about fashion, It brings a huge amount of hapiness and is something that I am passionate about.

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My point is to do what you love. I love writing about fashion. Even if I can't make a living out of it, I'm never going to stop. Follow your heart and remember to be kind.

Live your life. You can't please everyone. <3 Thank you for all your support.
— Nayeli