Hi there!
Yesterday I found this challenge and I decided to do it because it would be interesting to show you my favourite cities starting with my name .


A - Amsterdam โ€ข Netherlands

city, travel, and amsterdam image light, city, and amsterdam image Temporarily removed city, travel, and amsterdam image

L - London โ€ข United Kingdom

london, skyline, and tower bridge image london and restaurant image london, city, and travel image autumn, fall, and travel image

E - Edinburgh โ€ข United Kingdom

edinburgh, scotland, and travel image Temporarily removed ancient, brown, and edinburgh image autumn and fall image

X - Xiamen โ€ข China

winter image

A - Anchorage โ€ข Alaska

alaska, girl, and inspiration image Temporarily removed

N - New York โ€ข United States

city, new york, and travel image winter, snow, and city image new york and travel image christmas, winter, and snow image

D - Dublin โ€ข Ireland

dublin, fall, and goals image city, europe, and vintage image rainbow, street, and dublin image book, library, and ireland image

R - Rome โ€ข Italy

rome, travel, and italy image Image by myprettylittlethings โ™ก beauty, details, and fancy image aesthetic, church, and classical image

I - Istanbul โ€ขTurkey

Image by Noran istanbul image cities, galata kulesi, and istanbul image istanbul image

N - New Delhi โ€ข India

india and New Delhi image Temporarily removed india and architecture image Temporarily removed

A - Athens โ€ข Greece

greek, statue, and caryatids image gif, lights, and travel image aesthetic, Greece, and architecture image travel, city, and luxury image


I know I have long name and in my language is even longer ๐Ÿ˜ โ€ฆ

But thanks for reading and I hope you like it! XO

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