I just read an article where someone introduced him/her self and invited him/her follower to write. So I was thinking about it a lot and find the solution to do this. I think its a very good thing bc i have really too much things in my head and it would be nice to find some people who are also like this so here are some facts about me:

--> I'm 17 years old but sometimes acting like a 8 years old child lol
--> I live in Austria
--> My native language is German but i also speak english and I'm learning french in school
--> I'm into rock music & metal but i also listen to some pop
--> Nirvana, the pretty reckless, Acdc, guns n roses are some of my favorite bands
--> I love to go on concerts and I do it like 5 times a year (a real junkie)

Yasss, that's it so if you want to talk please don't be shy and just write me a message I´m very infestered in who my followers are.

xoxo K