Hey my little darlings & welcome to todays' article!
The article for today will be designed to give you cute outfit ideas for school!
Or another thing we could call it is; "outfits for stressed cuties", @highflier
There will be tons & tons of different styles, designed mainly for colder weather, but those living in a warmer climate can easily switch around a thing or two & wear the exact same things.
As I live in a place with cold weather, I think other people can wear them too, so I have had that in mind! Our degrees for December, which we will enter next weekend, are typically around -3 degrees Celsius. So it's not the coldest, but definitely not the warmest either! ♡
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Uhh & make sure to let me know which one fits you the most!
Without further ado, let's get started;

Nuit Noire

For those who wish to look elegant at all times. An air of effortlessness always lingering after those people. They seem unapproachable, but they are the kindest & most hardworking people you'll ever meet & you wish they could see how admired & loved they are.

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  • All black clothing.
  • Different materials mixed. (Silk blouses & denim trousers. Velvet shirt & faux-leather pants...)
  • A perfume to linger in your abscence.
  • Cute updos for your hair.

Bundled up

For those heartwarming people, that always brighten up the room. They always smell like tea or coffee, a book by their hand (for fun or school, it doesn't matter). Their hands usually hidden in the sleeves of their shirts, but their hands are always cold & you wish you could hug them tight enough to show them how much they are appreciated.

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  • Big sweaters in the winter, bell-blouses in the summer.
  • Cute skirts, mom-jeans or overalls.
  • Alternative jewelry.
  • Hair hanging freely.

Stressed mess

For those people filled to the brim with assignments, homework, jobs & hobbies. Those people that are never free & you have to make appointments with them months in advance. Those people that always make you smile & you wish you could take away some of their pain & troubles. You wish to help them with life, but they never accept, so you settle with being friends & cheering them on in life, so they know that they are not alone.

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  • T-shirts, tanktops or long sleeved shirts, finished with a cardigan.
  • High-waisted or loose fit pants, a bit sporty looking all the time.
  • Necklaces & rings, with sentimental value.
  • A ponytail in all kinds of heights.

Ivy League prepared

For those people having dreams higher than mosts. Those people that suffer at the hands of sleepless nights & bags under the eyes, but studying anyway. Those people that always help you with homework & assignments, even if you have never uttered a word to each other. You wish they could simply relax & not always focus on the future but also live a little in the present.

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  • Button-ups & pressed collars.
  • Skirts everywhere, tights if it's cold.
  • Dainty jewelry or expensive pearls.
  • Braids or buns.

The delicate dance

For those people going through school, with dreams & hopes they do not dare utter to others. Those people with glossy eyes & shy smiles, whenever you pass them in the hallways. The really smart kind, that do not rub it in your face, but help you too. Those rare people that make you blush & feel softer. You desperately wish you could tell them it isn't their fault when the teacher is being unfair, that they did their best & shouldn't beat themselve to the ground because of other people.

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  • Shirts & dresses in light colours.
  • Skirts flowing around their knees, tights keeping them warm in the winter.
  • Gold & silver jewelry being mixed together.
  • Messy buns, cute braids & hair hanging free.
So, I hope you got inspired by these outfits & decide to try some of them out!♡
& if you do, send me a message to let me now, haha!

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fashion picks💋 by selanne

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