Now that Autumn is coming to an end when all the leaves fall off the trees and animals start to hibernate, the fun of autumn starts to fade, so I've put together a few things you can do when you're bored in Autumn :

1. Take a walk in the crunchy leaves. Even though the leaves are starting to come of the trees you can still take a walk and step on the crunchy leaves. It's SO satisfying!

2. Have a photoshoot with a friend. This links to the first one, when you go for a walk try and dress up with red lipstick, cosy scarf and boots and go to a park where you have a nice background and snap away!

3. Movie Night. This is perfect for when it's cold outside and you can cuddle up and watch your favourite movie. A movie that I suggest is Casper the friendly ghost. Don't forget to check out my top 5 Favourite autumn movies which will release soon!

4. Go to a cafe. Even if your on a tight schedule, a walk to a cafe with a friend to get your favourite warm drink would be perfect if your always busy.

5. Go shopping. If you have a whole day and you're bored shopping is perfect, there's always such good things in shops as black Friday is just around the corner!

6. Have a picnic in a park. You need the right weather for this one as the days get colder. But a still a lovely idea if you go on a sunny day.

7. Visit a garden centre. This is an odd one. But if you love plants then this idea is for you! Usually garden centres have cute plants and decors for this time of year.

8. Try autumn DIY room decor. There are so many youtube videos on room decor. And if you love autumn as much as me then why not give it a go!
Here are two videos if you're looking for Autumn decor inspiration :

So guys what do you think? Did you get any inspiration or ideas?

Don't forget to stay tuned for my next few blogs coming soon:
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See you guys!