WARNING: I am not a native English speaker so if you see an error please don't hate me.

¡Hello users of we heart it!

I usually write in cursive and when I started to do it I remember to watch videos and pages on the internet but I have never found a site where was everything so I decided to make this article with some tips for the ones who want to practice this beautiful and classic letter.

In the first place, if you never write in cursive before is better that you practice some exercises to soften your hand.
I recommend you to star whit a grid paper then you pass to line paper an at least you can use a smooth one.
Here are some links with exercises for you:




Now if you write in cursive before or if you made your exercises is the moment to found what letter you will use, what kind of style is yours, what makes you comfortable when you write and what inspired you.

First step is watch images on the internet, you can look through we heart it, Tumblr, Pinterest,or just google images. You can also watch videos on youtube to inspired yourself.

ink, Letter, and pink image Letter and aesthetic image cursive, depression, and handwriting image letters, vintage, and old image

While you look trought you should get notebook write all the letters in different styles and stay with the one thet you like a most and once you have the complet ABC you pass it in a new paper.
Is important to find your own style because as you can see there's a lot of different types of cursives and they all look pretty.

Image by na4i Image by na4i Image by na4i Image by na4i

Try to find the similitudes between the letters and practices just that.
For example, this is the style that I like and the lyrics that I used are similar so I found a patron in most of the capital letters and that patron is the one I will practices.

Image by na4i caligraphy, cool, and cursive image

When you are practicing try to figure it out what makes you comfortable. People say you should incline the paper and took the pencil in a certain way but you should find the best way for you and the same with the pencils, you probably see influencers saying that the best pencils are the gel ones but you have to use what you want.

Image removed Image removed
Here I use different pencils

In conclusion, you should practice with different sheets, pencils, angles, and different places but the important thing is to practices no just the exercises but al the ABC in the capital and small letter. To have the complete ABC you can go to pages like: https://www.dafont.com/es/ and get inspiration.

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Since here all depends on you, now all you have to do is practice but before the end of the article I will give you some advice:

  • The connections between letter don't have to be necessarily circular but a little be triangular.(green)
  • The letter is not circulars but ovals.(first o in orange)
  • The words should be inclined.(grey)
  • The separation between letter has to be the same also between words.(red)
  • All the letter need to have the same size.(blue)
  • The ascendent letter doesn't have to be taller than the capital letter an have to have the same sizes that descendent letters.(yellow)
  • Is very important that the letters start and end with a "tail".(pink)
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That's everything for now guys. Thanks for reading and I hope that you like it.