Yeah totally.

It's a sick thing, isn't it? When you think and tell yourself

"You've got this, It's okay, It'll be over soon."

And these thoughts come flooding in the back of your mind,

"Is it okay? Will it be okay? Will, it really be over soon?"

But of course, you push those thoughts away and force a smile glued to your face as you continue each day. Waiting for it to be over.

And sometimes, as you go through each day, forcing a smile of positivity in your face, gets really tiring and you lower your ground.

You cave in. You let your walls go down. You relax your smile. You let it fall. You let the world see your vulnerable state. The weakest peak in your life.

Like a puppy abandoned on the streets as you look up to a person with pleading eyes yelling "Please. . Please let this end"

Because sometimes you just stop covering each bruise you have with make up because It's no use. It's too much.

Sometimes you just let your tears fill your eyes and let it fall down your cheeks because you can no longer hold it back in.

Sometimes you just let the pain make their way to your heart and mind. Where you can literally feel the tugging sting in your heart, like strings snapping.

Your mind being filled with random thoughts flooding it that makes you confused and it only tires your brain.

It can be like that sometimes.

It's okay. . .It will be okay . . You will be fine. . It will all be alright.

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