Just some of my writing muse music
Whenever I'm writing, whether it's for a homework assignment or for my own book, I have a hard time if I'm not listening to music. These are a few playlists I've created on Spotify and would love to share with you all.

Playlist #1:
short film
So this playlist is more for when I want to write pieces of my screenplay, specifically because these songs make me imagine the way I would want certain scenes of my books to be filmed.

Playlist #2:
Not Thinking..
This playlist one of my older ones, and it's mostly lofi and beats music. I enjoy listening to this one to clear my head before starting a stressful assignment or just to get some inspiration for my characters.

Playlist #3:
the soul of a hero
This playlist I created in mind of my characters, Roren, Arinaka, & Jathien, and their journeys through my books.

Thanks for reading and I hope these playlists can help you beat writers block! Bye for now!!