Hello dear Hearters!

Yesterday night I went with my father and sister to the cinema to watch Fantastic Beasts - The crimes of Grindelwald and in this article I want to share with all of you my personal movie review, without any spoilers (i promise!) if you haven't watched it yet!
Also, I will be very brief so the reading won't be boring.

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First of all, do I recommend watching the movie? YES
As an obsessed fan of Harry Potter, I love everything that is related to it. But apart from my obsession, I did enjoy the movie.

The things I loved the most are:

  • The graphics
johnny depp, gif, and fantastic beasts image johnny depp, gellert grindelwald, and gif image newt scamander, eddie redmayne, and gif image Abusive image
Very well made. It looked real and it must have been hard for the producers to do all of those magical scenes are so so cool.
  • The actors performance
harry potter, grindelwald, and fantastic beasts image fantastic beasts and theseus scamander image Hot, ezra miller, and credence barebone image queenie goldstein, gif, and pretty image
cast is amazing and so talented!
  • New entries in the cast ;P
Image removed Image removed albus dumbledore, eddie redmayne, and johnny depp image albus dumbledore, harry potter, and jude law image
Only Jhonny Depp could have been perfect for the role of Grindelwald! And I literally have a crush for young Dumbledore thanks to Jude Law! :P
  • The "secret"
Hot, ezra miller, and credence barebone image harry potter, fantastic beasts, and credence barebone image fantastic beasts and harry potter image claudia, ezra, and kim image
Credence real story totally shook me!

What I disliked:

  • The color palette
eddie redmayne, harry potter, and zoe kravitz image Image removed newt scamander, eddie redmayne, and gif image newt scamander, tina goldstein, and gif image
Too dark and grey-ish, apart from a few lighter / golden scenes :)

Besides all, the movie is a masterpiece and I am glad I'm living in a world that has JK Rowling.

Do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know if you wrote a review too! I'd like to know other opinions :)

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