Day 6 : "If you could run away, where would you go?"

Hello, everyone! As you can see on the challenge's title, it doesn't mention whether it is a real place or not. So, my imaginative mind will talk about one of my favorite place of all time, which is Narnia.

Narnia was my first proper fandom as a fangirl. The franchise helped me so much through hard times, so in a way, it was the place that I escaped to when everything got too much.

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Ever since Lucy opened that wardrobe that took her to a winter wonderland that we called Narnia, I fell in love with the place. Even though I know that I'm not that good with cold. When I thought that Narnia couldn't get any prettier, time flew by as The Pevensies in Narnia and Spring in Narnia was just so beautiful.

cair paravel image
narnia and cair paravel image
the interior of Cair Paravel was also beautiful

The view and the beach that placed around Cair Paravel were breath taking, to watch The Pevensies played on the beach was just so fun

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narnia image

(actually I was only paying attention on Edmund, but don't we all)

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I mean, have you seen this dark haired beauty?

So, if you want to conclude on why I chose Narnia to be my escape place is because of the beauty. But, no darling, no. It's not all.

I like the vibes that Narnia brings. Adventures, warmth, love, and happiness, especially happiness. Pevensies were the happiest when they were kings and queens of Narnia, don't @ me. Everyone seems so happy there.

narnia, movie, and snow image

So, yeah. I love Narnia. I really wanted to go there even though I know it's not real.

See you on Day 7!