They say our generation
is being brainwashed
by the little black screens
in front of us

They say we've become
overly narcissistic and shallow
As if the world inside every single one of us
is really that miserable and hollow

They act like
we have forgotten that one art form
that has blessed our world for centuries
As if a force as incredible as poetry
wasn't powerful enough
to win the love of anyone
it desired to charm

The young poets like you and me
are the silent singers of our time

No matter how the world changes
we won't change with it

We may be mortal
but our words don't have to be

and after our lives have been lived
there will always be other little boys or girls
who will grow up with rhymes, dreams
and curiosity attached deep inside their hearts

Poems always remember
how often a noble king once lied
And for their love for honesty
they expose society's every dark side

Poems are the songs
that couldn't be recorded
One of the voices
that could never be completely silenced

Do not stop writing