There are a bunch of artists' work that I would like to share with my followers, however, a number of them do not wish for their art to be reposted on other sites. So, I'm gonna link to their original websites here and hope you check them out and enjoy, also please gosh darn it don't then repost their work onto we♥it jeez. Honestly, I sometimes go around adding "art by [insert name]" to other people's tags on art I see posted without credit...

Alternatively, some of these artists that I'm going to mention are okay with their art being reposted non-commercially (I will mention it below) but they just have so much artwork that it would be ridiculous to have all of their art on my canvas heh.

Some artists haven't clearly stated if they are okay with reposting or not and you will have to research and ask them, because they didn't reply to me in time for me to post this. Don't be afraid to ask them, I did research for this article and the majority who responded to me thanked me for asking and were very nice. ♥ Also, some of the artists that aren't okay with reposting, are okay with their art being used as icons or headers, etc. with credit, so do your research!

Hopefully this article can serve as a reminder to always research the origin of the art you share on we♥it in order to give credit to them and to not repost against the creator's wishes. - by Nano
(repostable with credit & link!)

art, fish, and ocean image
anime girl, art, and blossom image - by Pascal Campion - by ChippyFish - by uhh tofuvi?
(no reposting!) - by Caring Wong
(repostable with credit & link!)

art, bamboo, and Brushes image
art, cat, and girl image
art, beautiful, and Darkness image - by Margarita
(only the art marked "free stock" are repostable with credit/link!) - by Anton Fadeev - by Rhett
(no reposting!) - by Oamul Lu - by Qing Han
(repostable with credit & link!)

art, drawing, and painting image
art image - by Nicholas Kole - by Dornenspieler - by Alexandra
(repostable with credit & link but not on redbubble/society6!)

animal, art, and beautiful image
gif and candle image
art, autumn, and beautiful image - by Abigail L. Dela Cruz - by endmion1 - by Loika (3 days march)
(no reposting!) - by dana
(repostable with credit & link but not on insta or tumblr!)

blue, flowers, and gif image
bottle, crystals, and FRUiTS image - by Cyril Rolando - by birduyen - by Strangely Katie (also does comics ♥) - by Niken Anindita
(repostable with credit & link!)

art, Awakening, and castle image
art, sky, and anime image
boat, night, and sea image - by WLOP
(you can also find them here with a comic) - by Piper Thibodeau - by Tomislav Jagnjic - by Joanna
(repostable with credit & link!)

pokemon, leafeon, and flabébé image
pokemon image - by Miena
(no reposting! headers and icons are okay with credit) - by Raahat Kaduji - by K.Dudek
(no reposting!) - by Vanessa Gillings
(repostable with credit & link back to tumblr/insta)

animal, art, and deer image
animal, art, and autumn image
animal, art, and autumn image - by Cassandra Jean - by Daifei / Dahui Wang (王大輝)
(no reposting!) - by Aster Hung
(respostable with credit/link but not on tumblr/twitter/instagram)

astronaut, birds, and boat image - by Denise
(no reposting!) - by 安 - by 456 / shigoro - by Jason Tammemagi
(repostable with credit & link!)

city, cyberpunk, and futuristic image
city, evening, and flowers image
beach, city, and Darkness image - by Mateusz
Urbanowicz - by Nadia Kim
(no reposting!) - by Jubilee?
(repostable with credit & link!)

aesthetic, animation, and art image
clouds, ocean, and pink image - by Katie
(no reposting!) - by idk - by Lucile Patron
(repostable with credit & link!)

fox image
gif image
astronaut, chibi, and fantasy image - by min hao feng
(no reposting! "if you’d like to use my graphics on something like carrd or in your bio/signature on a forum, please message me the URL where it will be and where you will credit me") - by Pauline
(no reposting!) - by Chloe Withers (my best and childhood friend ♥)
(no resposting!)

The End

Much Love ♥