Hey, dear sunflower

Look at yourself, you are so young, you've got your whole life ahead of you, you have dreams and goals to fulfill, places to visit and people to meet, so don't let anyone or anyyhing get you down, be whoever you want to be.

Look at yourself walking, woman, you are to be loved, windows break every time you walk, the floor cracks when you strut over the floor, people turn around to look at you when you pass by, everyone thinks of you when the lights go out and you are the first thing they wish for when they wake up.

Take a good look at yourself, woman, you're not to be fooled, or half-loved. You are not to be anyone's second choice, you are not to be the game of an immature boy, or the mockery of a clown, you don't deserve things of poor quality. You deserve the best.

Hey you!, look at yourself!, you are beautiful but not only in your physique, not only your hair style, your sculptural body or the beautiful color of your eyes, you are also beautiful because of how your look at the world, by the dreamy thoughts that accompany you before you sleep, for your pleasant way of treating everyone.

Look closely at yourself, woman, because in you is everything you need to be happy, in you is the great love of your life, in you is the power you need to achieve everything you set out to do. Don't limit yourself, show everyone the wonderful woman you are.

Kisses, Lys

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(And if you didn't know it, I speak Spanish, and this is my way of practicing my English. So, I'm sorry if something is not well written. ¡Nos vemos pronto!)

And if you are interested in my language, here I leave this article