hello :) Christmas time is coming and with it all the nice decor and of course advent calenders !! <3

1st do yoga for 15min

there are so many yt channels where you can find very simple and beginner yoga videos, e.g. Yoga with Adriene :) it just calms you down

2nd declutter your phone

photos, videos, music, notes, documents, apps,.... & also change your background into sth. festive

3rd skip social media (as much as possible)

I feel for you if you want to keep snapchat flames and also make sure to get important information but try to minimize your social media usage

4th listen to 'old' music...

...from your childhood or maybe just the last couple years

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5th try to compliment everyone you speak to today

but be careful with your teachers/professors, otherwise it might be awkward :P

6th journal for 20min

if you need ideas or inspo:

7th read 20 pages

(or more/less depending on your reading habits)

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8th meet friends

hang out with people that make you laugh; just be yourself

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9th cut out toxic people

write down a list of people in your life and decide whether they are good or bad for you, only keep the good ones in your life and let go of the other ones

10th do a hair mask

super simple: coconut/olive oil overnight or for a couple of hours

Image by Yara

11th take a walk

12th make today productive

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13th vacuum & dust your room

I personally dust my room all too rarely...

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14th watch an episode of a childhood series of yours

15th bake cookies/patties

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...and listen to Christmas music meanwhile

16th minimalize your room

take this day and go through every drawer, through your closet and take every item
question yourself whether you use this item and if it sparks joy to you. if you can answer both with no, then you can probably get rid of it.
don't overwhelm yourself with sorting out everything. start slow and repeat this routine every once in a while

17th take a walk and enjoy nature

winter, dog, and snow image

18th mediate for 10min

Temporarily removed

19th journal for 20min

really take this time for yourself to get to know about your feelings and how your life works at the moment

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20th be extra kind to the people around you, they deserved it

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21st think about what makes you truly happy

recently and already since years

22nd skip the candies today

23rd don't compare yourself today

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24th get off electronics as much as possible

I wish you all the best and a bethought Christmastime! Enjoy the time with friends and family <3 It's not about tangible stuff, keep that in mind :)
lots of love,