i don't like sneakers

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I do not find them flattering or comfortable to wear. I own one pair of sneakers, and only wear those when I'm sick. Though, I am not wearing 6in stilettos. I have 3in block heels, kitten heels, heeled mules ( you know, the comfiest of heels )

movies are better than tv shows

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I just adore movies, they create worlds. Not only that, they don't drag it out for 9 seasons. When movies are made with passion, it's fucking magic. I'll admit I'm biased, but only because I'm obsessed with movies. I research directors, color palettes, soundtracks, screenwriters, the production studios. They are just great waste of 2 hours.

i like looking nice for school

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I do not judge other for not dressing to the 9's, however they do judge the fuck out of me for doing so. What is even worse, is that I am 17 years old at University. (A whole 2 years younger then most people in first year). So I get judged not only for wanting to look nice, but everyone assumes I am a try hard because it.

i hate burping, it isn't cute

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Youtubers, Celebrities, and almost every other girl I know thinks the quirky thing is burping out loud. Babe, it is plain old gross. It's as well rude to those around you. To me, burping out loud is the equivalent of sneezing in someones face.

i enjoy Kpop but don't at the same time

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It is the new fad. I know not all, but a majority of fans fucking fetishize the shit out of Korean people, and as well argue that it's better than western music (they argue opinions not facts). Yet K-pop stems from western culture and is based on western fads. How come when your "oppa" raps he's cute and cool, but when rappers in the states do it their nasty and tacky? It's whatever though, I've been through this shit since Akon made a song with Wonder Girls. We'll see how much longer i'll stay.

im depressed just like you but fuck cold weather

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Bitch I hate the cold. I like covering up as much as the next person but y'all for real act like its just the best. It makes me sad, like I fucking hate how sad I get because of it. Plus it drys me out. My eyes are dry, my skin is dry, my throat is dry. Even my humor is dry because i'm in more emotional pain. It's the worst.

brockhampton deserves better

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These young men legit created their own group, made their own shit, and are beyond great. We need to push this out because it is definition of great! Put a pause on y'alls oppa's and just check them out for a second.

top 40 isn't bad but goodnight to everyone except the chainsmokers

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Music is great. Pop music is great. Rap music is great. Old music is great. Music in any language is great. Just because it's poplar doesn't mean it sucks. Music wasn't better than and it isn't better now. (However some people actually like chainbrokers and halsey) ((mumble rap is fuego quit acting like it isn't.))

everyone has opinions, and mine suck