we have all experienced heartbreak at least once in our life. we know how painful it is. it's an inner struggle, even if your friends are around you will think they just don't get it, they don't understand the pain you're going through and how awful you feel deep inside. if you face the situation alone and cannot even talk about it to anyone, you will feel tremendously burdened. either way, being in pain is not a good situation to be in for anybody. to heal we may want them back or think that hating them is a solution for that, you may think about forgiving them but you cannot due to the huge amount of hurt they caused you which is normal because you were so attached to them. you will try to find refuge in music but please rock songs that fuel you with anger or sad songs that will add pain will not help you. I tried it and I regretted that it only made it worse and because I know how much it hurts to be in that dark place I made a playlist of songs that may help you at least a little bit to feel better about yourself and the situation which you will find in the link below:


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i hope you get well soon :)