hi lovelies,hope you're all doing great ♡ i'm back with another article about music, where i'll show you some music i've been listening to lately. hope you like it ♡
here we go...

▸get you the moon by kina

Get, stupid, and the image
if i could i'd get you the moon

▸iris by goo goo dolls

iris, music, and goo goo dolls image Temporarily removed
i just want you to know who i am

▸all i want by kodaline

alone, Darkness, and leave image all i want, kodaline, and Lyrics image
you took my soul and wiped it clean

▸where's my love by syml

Temporarily removed bliss, chill, and music image
don't wanna cry but i'll break that way

▸you're somebody else by flora cash

black, cash, and flora image quotes, song, and Lyrics image
it's not a race to the end

▸moi c'est by camélia jordana (slowed)

Image removed
Quand tu ris j'adore

▸sleep on the floor by the lumineers

couple, gif, and sleep on the floor image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
will you lay yourself and dig your grave,or will you rail against your dying day

okay guys these are just some of the songs i've been listening to lately, they are kinda chill and i love them so much and i wanted to share them with you and if you like em lemme know ♡

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till next time, stay safe and weird ♡
- A♡