Name: Yuki Eve Kuran
Stage Name: Yuki
Line: 99
Label: SM Entertainment

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She was born in Kyoto and moved to Dublin when she was 6, where lived for 5 years. Then she turned to Kyoto where lived for 3 years. Currently in Seoul, South Korea.


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  • Everyday
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  • Interviews
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  • Awards
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  • On Stage
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  • Airport
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  • Position: Soloist
  • Group: Jolly of all Girl Groups
  • Fandom Name: Happiness
  • Colour: Pastel Rainbow
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  • Style/Concept: Cute, Girl Crush, Cool, Sexy, Fantasy, Dark, Sad
  • Role: Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer, Visual, Maknae


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Eclipse ( a love song)
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Full Moon ( a dark fantasy song)
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Fine (a sad song)
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Red ( a song with a sexy concept)

Extra Information:

  • Model and Actress
  • Has a Youtube Account where posts her cover songs and dance performances