When people say they don’t understand young love, I am baffled. Does that mean they have never experienced the intense emotions, the pain and heartbreak of the the best kind of love?
Teenage love is one of a kind, might I say the best. We’re young, free and wild and love is the last thing on our mind. So when it happens to us when we are in our teens, it is nothing short of ordinary.
Yes, teenage relationships are sometimes short-lived, but they are relationships filled with a huge possibility of learning. Learning about pain, heartbreak, feelings, balance, communication and respect.
These teenage relationships are a platform to understand our future lovers, the complications and the work one has to put in a relationship.
Teenage love is one of a kind simply because of the emotions and the surreal feelings of happiness one experiences during the relationship.
Teenager are one of the most misunderstood group of people, and diminishing their love is the cruelest thing one can do. By saying things like “You don’t know what love is”, “You just think you love him/her”, “Your feel like you love him because you want to” makes us feel disoriented. How else are we supposed to know what love is without experiencing it?

I was in love at 17 years old, He was my first boyfriend, our relationship lasted more than one year. The emotions I felt with him were out of the world, I knew I was in love regardless of what anybody else said. My love for him intensified each month - the feelings of trust, compassion, mutual respect helped me understand how it felt to be in love. Loving him was mixed with pain, happiness and finally heartbreak. Even though, my heart was broken I was grateful to experience the love of a lifetime before I stepped into the cruel world of adulthood. I will forever be grateful to that boy that helped change my definition of love, helped me understand how love helps you grow, change me into a better person I am today. Even though we broke up, he will always be my first love who helped me understand how real my feelings can get.

Nobody should ever diminish love, regardless of the age of the lovers.
Loving someone through high school/teens is the best gift you can give to yourself.