When i saw your big brown eyes,your tears and your sweaty forehead,that was the first time when i fell in love, first time that i knew you are going to love me forever and i don't know how to thank you for this, mom!

This article is based on my gratitude for my mom, for all moms all over the world. We, their children, sometimes don't even realise how many sacrifices they had to do so we would have everything.

My mom,my heart, my missing piece, i will love you forever. I know she will never read this (sadly she doesn't want to follow me on whi) but i had to write it.

My mom is the woman i want to become in the future. She is that kind of woman who would kill for her babies. She is fierce when she has to, she is strong, she is the most amazing woman i ever met.

The love you have for your mom defines you as a person. Note that i said your mom, i didn't said if it is about your natural,biological mom or the woman who raised you.

Your maternal figure is the woman who teach you what is love, how to love, how to love yourself. My mom is this beautiful soul how loves everyone and everything that's around her and i really can't imagine my life without her.

So yeah, for me, first time i fell in love was when i saw my mom for the first time. I know this love is going to be timeless and next to her i will get through everything.

Please appreciate and love your mom!