Lately I’ve been contemplating what it means to be successful and more specifically if there are habits of successful women that can be replicated.
Does successful mean a high paying job? Perhaps owning your own home…? Running your own business…? Maybe successful is having a happy and healthy family? Or perhaps it is just as simple as being happy when you lay your head on your pillow at night…
Whatever successful means to you, I’ve found there definitely are specific habits of successful women that help them to achieve their own success and help them then create that success in their professional and personal lives.

1 – She Makes Time For Herself

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With schedules running rife filled with meetings and kids soccer matches, a successful woman knows her own value and knows that she needs time out to rejuvenate and just focus on herself.

You cannot take care of everyone else and everything else if you don’t first take care of yourself, and a successful woman not only knows this, but she also puts it into practice.

This could be a simple trip to the salon or a relaxing bath at home, a catch up with friends or dedicated time alone. Perhaps she might even like to just take a walk alone of a morning, the key is that she schedules in some time somewhere for herself and makes it happen.

2 – She Challenges Herself

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A successful woman doesn’t rest in the monotony of her day to day life. She is always looking for ways to challenge herself and doesn’t become complacent.

This can be done in so many ways. She can challenge herself intellectually, physically, mentally… She can set herself goals then push them a little higher. She isn’t okay with average and loves an opportunity to learn something new.

The point is that she is always challenging herself to achieve more, learn more and become a better person for it.

3 – She Educates Herself

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Knowledge is power and a successful woman is aware that she needs to be educated. Whether it’s in business or day-to-day life, a successful woman researches, reads and asks questions.

She knows that everyone she meets knows something she doesn’t know. She knows that she will never know all there is to know, but can happily become well versed in many different areas.

She doesn’t have to be an expert, she doesn’t have to know it all, but she loves learning and when she doesn’t know something, or doesn’t understand something, she will go out of her way to educate herself.

4 – She Understands Mummy Guilt And General Woman Guilt, Acknowledges It, And Moves On

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Mummy guilt is something we live with every day. We feel guilty if we go to work, we feel guilty if we stay at home, we feel guilty for just about everything. But we need to acknowledge that we feel this way because we want the best for our children, for our families and for ourselves.

Guilt is one of those useless emotions that serves no positive purpose. The only thing it does is increase anxiety and makes us feel bad – there is no winning against guilt as an emotion.

A successful woman knows this. It doesn’t mean that she is without guilt, it means that she undestands it, acknowledges the emotions she has around it, and she moves on.

5 – She Knows Healthy Doesn’t Always Mean Going To The Gym

Healthy isn’t only exercise and food intake. Healthy is a mindset, it is about our whole life. It encompasses everything we do, every day. A successful woman knows the importance of her health and makes it a priority.

She nourishes her body with good food (afterall, abs are made in the kitchen), but doesn’t make herself feel guilty (see above) if she chooses to have cake.

A successful woman has a healthy mind and body and she understands the connection between the two.

6 – She Smiles

No resting bitch face here. Do you realise how different you feel if you smile. And what about when you smile at someone else? I challenge you to smile at a complete stranger today. Chances are they will smile back. That means your smile just made someone else smile. That’s pretty darn powerful.

Successful women know the power of a smile and use it. A successful woman knows that we all get further in this world by being nice and smiling, our mothers taught us so.

She also knows that this doesn’t mean she has to be a smiling Stepford wife. This is about sharing your genuine smiles with the world and ensuring that your happiness is important in your life.

7 – She Can Step Away From Her Job And Have A Life Outside Of Her Workplace

A successful woman knows that work isn’t everything, all the time. Sure, there are times in her life when work needs to come first and that’s okay – but she knows that she can step away and it’s okay. She can switch work off, step away and enjoy herself.

She also ensures she has financial independence from her job and doesn’t rely on it entirely for her income. Whether she has a side huslte, or an ‘escape plan’ from her job, she knows that being prepared and never needing the plan is going to be far better than not preparing and being caught off guard.