Hi! so this time i wanted to share some ideas for best friends photos. I hope you like it, have fun with reading!!


girl, fashion, and friends image chic, classy, and elegance image friends, girl, and friendship image friends, girl, and fashion image
a nice idea for a photo is with food or drinks, for example with pizza or ice creams !!


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outside you can make nice fashion photos or photos at famous buildings


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a nice bff pictures is to hug each other


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in the summer, beach photos are very nice


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selfies I think are in my opinion the easiest way to get in the picture with your friends


girl, dog, and beach image girl, dog, and animals image summer, beach, and ocean image gigi hadid, dog, and model image
a cute picture is with an animal / animals


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if you and your bff have the same clothes or clothes that look alike, then this is also great for a photo


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when traveling with your bff, this is a great way to take pictures
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I hope you liked this article and that you have something to it !! if you want to see more of my friends photos or of all my photos follow me !! xxx