Where I live it feels like summer lasted until yesterday and now it starts to get slightly colder. But still it doesn´t feel like November, and certainly not like it´s only one month left until Christmas. So I made up some ways to get into the mood anyway.


chocolate, drink, and food image candle, autumn, and cozy image
all I want for Christmas is you
when baking christmas cookies, your house will smell like Santa´s itself for like the whole day;
scented candles are the must have in december, besides
when pumpkin season is over, you´ll get cinnamon spiced latte, coffee and muffins literally everywhere

christmas sweaters

christmas, winter, and friends image
Frosty the snowman is a fairytale they say
printed with rendeers, snowflakes, santaclaus; decorated with lights, bells and bobbles - yes, they are corny - but still so perfectly cute

christmas movies

christmas and grinch image home alone, christmas, and popcorn image
I´ll be home for Chrismas; if only in my dreams
in recent years Netflix released so many lovely christmas movies - sure they´re full of clichees but still pretty cute
anyways, the classic ones like How the Grinch stole Christmas; Rise of the Guardians and so on will stay in our heart forever

doing winter things

christmas, coffee, and winter image Temporarily removed
A beautiful sight; we´re happy tonight; walking in the winter wonderland
baking christams cookies while listening to Jingle Bells
shopping presents and packing them in cute wrapping paper
sitting in front of the fireplace and drinking hot choclolate with your boyfriend
autumn, winter, and cozy image
`Cause this is that time of the year; a silver bow, mistletoe time

I hope I helped you getting into mood for christmas. So have fun in this beautiful time of the year, sit around the christmas tree with your family and spread love.

And since we´ve got o place to go; let it snow, let it snow, let it snow