name: Asteria meaning ''like a star"
age: 16
birth date: December 14th, 2002
zodiac sign: Sagittarius
most likely hogwarts house: Gryffindor


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i'd have blonde hair which would shine in the sun,rosy cheeks and gorgeous green eyes.


Temporarily removed


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a necklace which she inherited from her mother and a necklace made out of pearls which she made for herself.


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two tops, one for special occasions and the other one to wear randomly.


aesthetic, bullet, and dead image magic, sea, and emma gilbert image
i'd have a beautiful shinely and scaly silver tail.

land style:

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Asteria would love anything that would show off her legs like short skirts, short floral dresses and short jumpsuits.


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her home would be Lake Geneva, Switzerland.


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a mermaid named Coralia who has a rainbow colored tail and two dolphin named Delphine and Daphne


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so i hope u enjoyed reading my article as much as i enjoyed making it, heart for more and have a magical day, ilyy!

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