[Questions compiled from @nocomplysusan , @LilyTV25 , @ughchris , @alltheseperfections , @chemicalbeat ]

1) Name- Hailee
2) Age + Birthday- 19 // June 11th
3) Relationship Status- Very Single
4) Piercings- Normal ear piercings and my cartilage

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5) Tattoos- 5 in total; matching sun + moon on left + right ribcages, coconuts on ankle, to-do list + ghost on forearms
6) Meaning behind my name- Hailee translates to "a flower offering" in Hawaiian

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7) What's your favorite candle scent- Currently, pine scented or coconut lime
8) How old do you think you'll be when you get married- I can see myself being a spinster who doesn't get married until I'm like 40 or something, if I get married at all lol
9) What I hate most about myself- Probably how much my social anxiety affects my day to day life, or how I let it.
10) What I love most about myself- I love how much I love everything, I got a lotta love to go around
11) How many countries. have you been to- Currently, just the one I live in. Hopefully that changes soon though!

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12) Idea of the perfect date- I love the small things, so honestly if you just take me to the grocery store and get a cake for two and then go back and cuddle and watch Netflix.... yeah man that's good
13) Biggest turn on- Grabbing me by the waist
14) The last time I cried + why- Like 2 days ago.. because I was watching a documentary about how dogs change people's lives .... s'cute
15) Zodiac sign- Gemini

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16) Favorite season- Fall in Oregon is like a wonderland
17) Who's your favorite person in the whole world- My bbg Kayla, day one since 5th grade (except for when we didn't talk to each other for 2 yrs in high school but it's all cool now)
18) Eye color- A weird mix of green and blue w/ little tints of brown flecks

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19) Where would you go if you could travel anywhere- I would love to visit Belize, Greece, Italy, Germany, Iceland, ugh so many
20) What's your guilty pleasure- ahhh ice cream, or sweets, I indulge too often
21) Are you a mountain or sea person- Definitely the mountains, I belong with the trees
22) Which song always cheers you up- i ~ Kendrick Lamar
23) What is one thing you can't live without- My lady lover, Kayla (Just kidding, she's my roommate and BFF and she wakes me up in the morning and I depend on her)
24) Are you a morning or night person- Curiously, both. I can be up at 5 am and not sleep until 3 am.. dangerous cycle
25) What's your favorite color- Definitely yellow right now
26) What's a random passion of yours- I love painting, I guess that's a passion

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27) What is the first thing you do after waking up- Make myself coffee

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28) On a scale of 1-10, how excited about your life are you right now- A 10, I'm so lucky to be alive and I have so much I want to do
29) Secret talent- Being able to tell when fruits are perfectly ripe (it comes in handy) and talking to the moon (also very handy)
30) Best piece of advice you've ever received- Not to care what other people think
31) How do you define beauty- The intent of the heart
32) What's your spirit animal- I think mine is a deer
33) A skill you're working on mastering- Talking to people
34) Best compliment you've ever received- You're the light of my life (via a coworker)
35) How do you know you're in love- It's been so long since I've been in love with someone and so much has changed since the last time, I can't even imagine what it'll be like the next time I fall in love

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36) What would you like to be remembered for- Helping people and being a kind human being
37) What's inspiring you in life right now- The fact that I will be moving to Hawaii after I graduate college and hopefully teach elementary school
38) What's your biggest fear in life- That I will never truly be loved by another
39) What's one thing people don't know about you- Ummmm, I'm a witch? Like it's not a secret but it freaks people out (even tho it shouldn't) so I just don't say anything

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40) What's your go to bed ritual- smoke a bowl, lmao
41) What makes you the angriest- People who lack common sense, like how r u alive??? Where is natural selection when u need it
42) When do you feel the most creative- Late at night, for sure
43) What is your worst habit- Def my juul
44) Do you have freckles- Yes
45) Who was the last person you kisses/kissed you- ugh.. Red Robin Guy.. such a waste of a kiss
46) Concerts you've been to- Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Schoolboy Q, Bruno Mars, Ellie Goulding, Panic! at the Disco, Twenty One Pilots, Saint Motel, Flatbush Zombies, Dirty Heads, Die Antwoord, The Eagles, Def Leoppard, Heart, Sugarland, Carrie Underwood, Hunter Hayes ... that's all the ones I remember rn
47) Can you swim- Yes, I was on the swim team for 3 yrs in high school
48) Do you have any pets- I have a fat boi cat named Chance (he's 18 months old)
49) Are you listening to music right now- Yeah, sad girl hours tho
50) Do you have a job- I actually have 2, you can catch me serving rice bowls during the weekdays between classes and playing with dogs at a dog boarding facility on the weekends
Thanks for sticking through that
Love, The Weed Kween