Insomniac nights and heavy eyelids
make me feel crumbled,
like a sun falling into the depths of the sea,
an eternal sunset falling forever.
There’s a feeling that overwhelms my emotions,
a sensation that makes me feel useless,
and suddenly I am nothing,
my soul disappears in the middle of the sadness
and I become part of that immense void.

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But you appeared,
as a coincidence,
as a dream,
as a miracle as fucked up as me.
You were able to calm the roaring waves in my head
with soft chords on an old guitar.
You made me believe I am useful
at least for making you smile.

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You, with all the love in my words,
made me realize I’m a magnet for insanity.
Maybe I am so insane it’s contagious,
or as you told me,
I am the light that attracts all the flies.

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Either way,
It’s been a long time since I felt something,
it’s been such a long time since I dreamt,
but last night I was happy,
and I dreamt of you and me,
and we were happy.

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Father above,
Mother below,
please don’t bring back my insomniac nights
nor my heavy eyelids,
It’s finally dawn.
And I am happy
and you are here.

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