Okay so it's been a hot minute since my last Astrology Explained article. Sorry about that. I don't really have a reason. I just...forgot? Oops. But I'm here now and I'm talking about what it means when a planet is in retrograde and how it affects you.

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What Is It?

You might have heard people complaining about something going wrong in their life and blaming it on a planet retrograde or warn you that a retrograde is near. But what does it mean? It's surprisingly simple. It's the planets going backwards. Well, not really. It's just an illusion but it does look pretty cool. Each planet orbits around the sun at a different rate which causes there to be certain periods where the earth and a particular planet are passing each other which makes it look like the other planet has stopped or is going backwards. After a few weeks it will go back to normal . This period is the planet in retrograde. Each planets rules or has power over a certain area so different planets in retrograde will affect you differently.

How Often Does It Happen?

The further the planet, the longer between retrograde periods. Mercury is the closest so It goes into retrograde three or four times a year for three weeks. The next closest is Venus which happens every year and a half. And so on...

Mercury: Every 3.8 months (116 days) for 21 days
Venus: Every 19.2 months (584 days) for 41 days
Mars: Every 25.6 months (780 days) for 72 days
Jupiter: Every 13.1 months (399 days) for 121 days
Saturn: Every 12.4 months (378 days) for 138 days
Uranus: Every 12.15 months (370 days) for 151 days
Neptune: Every 12.07 months (367 days) for 158 days
Pluto: Every 12 months (365.25 days) for 182.125 days

How Does It Affects You?

Retrogrades are bad and good at the same time. It's a time where a lot can go wrong but it's also a time to step back and fix some issues in your life.

Mercury: Mercury rules over communication and travel so you might experience delays and unexpected problems during this time. Your unsaved work being deleted, meetings being cancelled, traffic blockages, etc. A Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to pay more attention to the communication areas of your life such getting in touch with old friends, restarting a forgotten project, or even just taking extra care in what you say to people.

Venus: Venus rules over relationships, sentimentality (nostalgia), and finances. Underlying problems in your relationship may surface, previous relationships might be brought up again, and you might experience sudden financial difficulties. Us this time to address issues you have with your partner/get in touch with a former partner, and maybe reevaluate your financial situation.

Mars: Mars control anger, conflict, and how we react to pressure. You'll most likely find yourself getting angry for small things, staying mad for an unusually long time, and getting into more arguments. Just take this time to get over old grudges and make amends, finally confront someone, or simply learn to be more patient.

Jupiter: Jupiter rules over positive attributes such as patience, generosity, and kindness. You'll probably find your self spinning out of control or taking unnecessary risks. Take this time to calm down and center yourself. Do more of what you love. Make your favourite meal, watch your favourite movie, take a trip to your favourite place. This retrograde is all about "me-time".

Saturn: Saturn controls, responsibility, reality, and reason. You might feel yourself deviating from goals or becoming lazy. This is a great time to rethink your goals and plans, focus yourself, and practice self-discipline. This could also be the time you start a new exercise plan that you've been putting off.

Uranus: Uranus rules over originality, individuality, and innovation. You can use this time to look more into your belief and mentally check yourself. Do you really believe what you say? Or are you just trying to be different or distance yourself from an idea or group you don't normally agree with. Reevaluate your political stance and maybe even find a new charity or cause to work with. Get rid of habits that are hindering you.

Neptune: Neptune rules inspiration, dreams, and intuition. You might experience a mental or creative lock. Take this time to start a new creative project or take a break from one that's putting too much pressure and stress on you.

Pluto: Pluto rules the unconscious, transformation, and change. Pluto has to do with shadows and the in-between. Affects from a Pluto are more ambiguous than the others, especially since it's in retrograde for nearly half the year. You can use this time to remove toxic people from your life and reevaluate your fears and limits.

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