Have you ever been in so much pain that you've become numb to it? That whenever anything happens you don't know how to feel or what you're feeling. Has your mind ever been so shook that you start to grow into this blank stare. You're not thinking or dreaming, you're just there? You don't know the meaning of life, of love. To you they're just words.
But have you ever been awaken by something or someone? Your body starts to tingle, your heart begins to race. So much that it almost hurts. A thousand different emotions shown on your face. Afraid to let go but becoming too dead to hold on. So accustomed to your old ways, the bad dreams, the long days.
But then you finally break free. "A new day a new me" -Literally. You break out of that shell. You experience happiness, sadness, heaven, and hell. You feel love, lust, anger, and shame. Its all coming down like rain. Then you say, "things are not the same, but its a beautiful pain".