Hi Angels

Christmas is coming up soon and with the holidays can come many other unwanted things: stress and anxiety among many. And with these, I thought it'd be helpful to provide a few tips of my own on how I stay mindful and centered around the most hectic time of the year!

1. Set a few days or a weekend where you don't use any clocks or look at the time. Instead, listen to your body and let it decide when to get up, go to bed, and eat.

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2. Take a walk. It's getting colder, I know (for those of us who live in the northern hemisphere). But taking a walk, even if it's a short one, is a great way to connect with nature and your surroundings. Make sure to stay present and focus on your senses.

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3. Make a habit of looking outside your window at night. I love to open my curtains and turn off the lights, that way I can watch the stars, or if the sky is clear, sleep under the moonlight.

4. Sing. And not just sing but sing to others. Sing to your pets. Your plants. Late at night while I water my succulent, I put a Rose Quartz in its soil and I sing whatever song soothes me. I can imagine it soothes my plants, too. When you sing or talk to plants, you release carbon dioxide, which the plant needs to absorb to grow. In return, your plants release oxygen back to you. Cute, huh?

There are many ways you can stay mindful this winter, just make sure to get enough air, to breathe, and to eat right, and always know you got this 💖


This article was written by @illuminatedangel on the We Heart It Writers Team.